I'm pleased to be teaching in-person classes out of my new home studio.

Listed below are the current offerings. More classes coming soon!

(Please note: Special COVID rules or procedures may apply. Please inquire for details.)

Big Theater

Level: Beginner - Advanced

Grade 1 - Grade 12

Actors Rehearsing

Level: Intermediate - Professional

Ages 18+


 Grades 1-5

Grades 6

Grades 7-12

This class is created for beginner - advanced levels, broken down by the following ages:


 Grades 1-5

9:00am - 10:00am

Grades 6

10:15am - 11:15am

Grades 7-12

11:30am - 12:30pm

The Summer Session of this Course will take place June-July 2021, with dates/times below:

Saturday, June 5

Saturday, June 12

Saturday, June 19

Saturday, June 26

Saturday, July 3

Saturday, July 10

Saturday, July 17

Saturday, July 24


Classes will be held at a private home studio in La Mirada, CA.

Address to be provided upon registration.

The Life of a Show

8 Week/1-Hour per Week Course

Follow the life of a new show from blank page to dazzling on stage! Students will be walked through the process of bringing a show to life as they get a behind-the-scenes look at the many people that contribute to a production along the way. From playwriting, to designing, to acting, and even producing, students will get a chance to practice a variety of skills as they create their very own show. Bursting with valuable life skills such as team work, communication, creativity, and emotional intelligence, this course will be worthwhile for first-timers to the theatre as well as young Broadway stars in the making!

Taught from a Christian Perspective:

See how each different member of the cast and crew of a show 

is a beautiful picture of the body of Christ!


Limited Time Offer!


Regular Price


Week 1: Brainstorming a New Show


Week 2: Forming a Story


Week 3: Designing a Show, Pt. 1


Week 4: Designing a Show, Pt. 2

Week 5: Auditioning


Week 6: Acting


Week 7: Directing


Week 8: Presenting a Show


Will there be a performance at the end of the 8-week course?

No. While the students will be going through the process of creating a show and will be creating parts of a show in class, this class focuses on letting them explore the process rather than working to present a fully produced piece. 


How can the course cater to both beginning and advanced students?

This course is able to challenge novice and advanced students alike because it focuses on the skill of practicing creativity. Some terminology and theatre history is incorporated that may be review for students who have had previous theatre experience/training. However, because the focus is not on previous knowledge, but on the act of creating, teachers are able to challenge each student individually.


Level: Intermediate - Professional

Prerequisite: Previous performance experience and training required.

Ages 18+


8:00pm -10:00pm

The Summer Session of this Workshop will take place June-July 2021, with dates/times below:

Monday, June 7

Monday, June 14

Monday, June 21

Monday, June 28

Monday, July 5

Monday, July 12

Monday, July 19

Monday, July 26

Please Note:

This course will require a few hours of work outside of class each week to prepare for scene presentations.


Classes will be held at a private home studio in La Mirada, CA.

Address to be provided upon registration.


Week 1: Scene 1/Group Work


Week 2: Present Scene 1


Week 3: Scene 2/Character Work


Week 4: Scene 2 Workshop

Week 5: Present Scene 2


Week 6: Scene 3/Character Work


Week 7: Scene 3 Workshop


Week 8: Present Scene 3


Regular Price


Limited Time Offer!

Scene Study

8 Week/2-Hour per Week Workshop

Every artist knows that it takes consistent practice to hone their skills. However, our schedules don’t always afford us time and space to let our creativity run wild. Come be challenged and inspired by fellow artists as you dive into three different scenes in this scene study workshop. The first scene we explore will be an open scene to let you stretch your imagination and focus on the core principles of listening/responding and making bold choices. The later two scenes will be from published plays; choose a character that you’ve always wanted to play or a scene that will really stretch you - it’s up to you! Don’t let your craft stagnate. Carve out time to grow and play!